The Artist

With a passion for all things equine and art, Lauren has found her niche in the world of portraiture. When she is not on the back of a horse, she is painting one, and loves every second of it.

She wasn’t always aimed at becoming an artist full time, however with a stroke of luck, and seemingly by fate, the title landed upon her. After sharing images of personal work on social media, it became very clear that there was something special about the compositions that dotted her newsfeed.

"A few friends suggested I start selling my work, so I started with prints, and things just took off from there. At any time I have between 3 and 10 commissions and personal works moving throughout my studio space."

Lauren's most popular commissioned pieces are the equine and canine companions of her clients in watercolors and oils. It is truly her passion to bring out the character and innate beauty of her subjects.